Laura Portsmouth FdA, MBACP Integrative Humanistic Counselling in Farnborough

Counselling can be the start of you feeling truly valued for what might be, the first time in your life. The simple fact that I am an impartial person to you means that you can freely explore your deeper emotions without worrying about being criticized or judged. You can fully concentrate on your own issues not having to take into account how it is affecting me in any way.
My role is to provide an opportunity for you to experience an objective listener with the main aim being about facilitating you to be able to make your own choices, reach your own decisions and come to your own conclusions.
This results with a feeling of empowerment to move forward with your life in a more positive and rewarding way.
Having your feelings acknowledged in a caring, supportive and encouraging way helps you explore different options and alternatives available to you that perhaps have not been considered before or reaching acceptance of those things that you cannot change.

Counselling can help with many different issues such as struggling to find purpose, inability to sustain meaningful relationships, low self esteem, anxiety, isolation, loss of any kind, self doubt, family issues, anger management, dealing with any type of trauma or emotional wound past or present. Anybody experiencing low mood, loss of motivation and interest in their usual daily activities will have underlying issues or problems of some sort that they may not even be aware of which are causing this negative outlook.

"Unexpressed emotions will never die. They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways." - Sigmund Freud.

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